Dominion Post Newspaper,
April 2016:

26-Days on the ocean (May 6th - May 31st 2016)

Most of May I will be on a container/cargo ship - sailing form New Zealand to North America. The ship will go via Panama Canal. While on the vessel, I wont be reachable by phone, nor by Internet. I am going to document this journey with my camera, as well as I will create a visual diary with my video camera. This is going to be a personal journey - one I have wanted to do, since being a young girl. If interested in publishing this story, email

Travel schedule:

  6th May: Departure from Auckland

24th May: Panama Canal

25th May: Manzanillo - on the Atlantic side of the Canal

26th May: Cartagena – Columbia

1st June: Philadelphia

All Images @ Birgit Krippner.  All Rights Reserved.