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Unexpect the Expected
birgit krippner
Apr 21, 2021
Police officer Pete Unverferth was injured on the job as a police officer a few days ago. He sustained significant burns on his hands, arms, lower torso, and groin area. He is currently in the burn unit at St Johns Mercy in St Louis.  As of now, he will require surgery for skin grafts on the torso-leg-groin area last week.

Unexpect the Expected
In 2015 I met Pete and his family. It didn't take long to feel welcomed and being invited to meet his family. I photographed Pete and ended up winning a photo award for journalism with this project created.

I am thinking of Pete and his beautiful wife Alicia Unverferth and their children, and all of their lovely family - and sending my love their way. May Pete recover well 

*Update on police officer Pete (words from his mother):
Pete is out of surgery! Procedure went well. Doctor grafted his inner thighs and abdomen. Will review any possible surgery to his hands and arms later in the week.

Unexpect the Expected - Birgit Krippner Photography
Small Town Cop in Perryville, Mo. “I’ll park the car and walk the square, checking door locks and windows of local businesses,...

Birgit Krippner Photography

Birgit Krippner is an award winning Austrian photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her specialty is capturing candid images using only available light. She often works in low light situations, relying on fast lenses.
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